Q. What are the benefits of STOTT PILATES®?

A.  Benefits include:
         - longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)

- improves postural problems

- increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility

- helps prevent injury

- enhances functional fitness, ease of movement

- balances strength & flexibility

- heightens body awareness

- no-impact, easy on the joints

- can be customised to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes

- complements other methods of exercise

- improves performance in sports (golf, skiing, skating etc.)

- improves balance, coordination & circulation

Q. What are the principles behind the STOTT PILATES® method?
A.  STOTT PILATES® exercise improves core strength and balances the muscles around the joints, improving the way your body functions, looks and feels. It focuses specifically on:

- Breathing
- Pelvic placement
- Rib cage placement
- Scapular movement
- Head & cervical spine placement

Q.  If I'm doing pilates, should I still do my regular workout?
A. STOTT PILATES® exercise is a musculo-skeletal conditioning program. In combination with some kind of cardiovascular exercise, spin bike (spinning), walking/jogging, it's all you need. For people who reach advanced levels, they can elevate their heart rate with STOTT PILATES® Power Paced workouts
Q. What kind of results can I expect from doing STOTT PILATES® exercise?
A. You can expect an increase in flexibility, mobility, balance, and body awareness, as well as a decrease in back pain or other general pains.

Q. How long will I have to do the workout before I see results?
A. The average active person doing 2-3 classes per week should see some results within 10-12 classes. This will vary depending on each individual and other factors such as the number of classes a person takes each week, whether they are private or group classes, whether they participate in other physical activities, and whether they have any existing injuries.

Q. Will I get the same results with a mat workout as with a reformer or equipment workout?
A. Mat-based workouts are very convenient and can be done anywhere. However, a mat workout will provide no added resistance. A reformer workout, on the other hand, will add resistance to your routine and can correct muscular imbalances better than a matwork routine would.

Q. How is STOTT PILATES® exercise different or better than weight training or other resistance exercise?
A. Pilates is three-dimensional (i.e. exercises can be performed using all movement planes)

- Spring resistance more closely resembles muscular contraction
- Emphasis on concentric/eccentric contraction for injury prevention
- STOTT PILATES® exercise is customizable for special needs
- In pilates exercise, emphasis is placed on rebalancing muscles around the joints
- Pilates corrects over-training and muscle imbalance that leads to injury
- Pilates emphasises balancing strength with flexibility (for injury prevention and more efficient movement)
- STOTT PILATES® exercise leads to an improvement in posture and body awareness

Pilates and Spin-Lates® classes on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in increasing core strength, longer leaner muscles, fitness, flexibility, activating correct muscular skeletal patterning, sports enhancement and reducing back pain. Pilates is great for weight loss and our Pregnancy Pilates sessions are highly beneficial for mums to be.