PAS Studios offer a unique and fresh program called Spin-Lates® as a private session or group class.

The combination of a split session using the latest Spin Bikes, and Mats with light equipment for the Pilates proportion, creates an exercise program that benefits your whole body and create a healthy state of mind.

You get to improve your cardiovasular fitness along with better balance, strengthening, and stretching your muscles.
The key focus of Spin-Lates® is the reduction of impact on joints and limbs, making this an enjoyable and beneficial workout for everyone.

In all of the Spin-Lates® sessions you will receive dedicated and professional attention from your instructor, ensuring you are receiving customised programming regardless of being in a group or a private session. Clients from both a cycling and non cycling background experience resounding improvements, whether you wish to diversify your road cycling and track training, weight loss and toning, to simply including spinning and pilates into your exercise program for a better quality of life.

Come and try Spin-Lates® today!                           

Pilates and Spin-Lates® classes on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in increasing core strength, longer leaner muscles, fitness, flexibility, activating correct muscular skeletal patterning, sports enhancement and reducing back pain. Pilates is great for weight loss and our Pregnancy Pilates sessions are highly beneficial for mums to be.